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Bad Pick Up Lines at a Swingers Club

Just recently my husband and I were at the Red Rooster in Vegas (famous swingers club), and some early 20s kid sits down next to me; introduces himself; compliments my beauty; then proceeds to ask if , “maybe I can ‘pick’ him later.” I said, “Really, that’s the line you’re going with?” He says, “Oh, it’s my first time here.” I’m like, “Yeah, I can tell…lol.” I decided to give him some unsolicited advice. “Next time, keep the compliments going and just act like a normal person. Ask her about herself. Seem interested and for god sake don’t ask her if she will ‘pick’ you…. ever….ever again.”

Q: Hey sexy awesome page u have!!! I love your beautiful tits and ass and how wet ur pretty pussy gets! So hottt u got my thick cock throbbing rite now thinking of ur cum running down my cock dripping off my balls as I fuck u so good! Would love to know what u think of my page 😘

Thanks for the compliments. I checked out your blog. That’s a lot of dick. I’m more into sensual than full-on dick after dick pictures, but each to their own. Also, I think you’re lying about being single. No single guy I know keeps his house that clean. Plus you have kids toys everywhere. If you were a single dad, that house would be a wreck! Who am I to judge, though.

Q: Do you post pics you two having sex?

We have a video of me giving him a blow job, but that’s about it.

Q: Are you into anal somethimes?

Yes, with my husband only.

Q: Do you two ever have very intimate, romantic, passionate sex still?

Even more now than before we were swingers.

Q: Do you share her because you cannot fuck her the proper way? Do you have erection problems?

Lol, Mr anon… No, it’s because I like to see my favorite person in the world in a live porno. We swing, so that means I also have sex with not only her, but other women as well. I have a pretty damn great life.

Q: Last night was amazing, an acceptance of bad luck transformed into bliss. You really are beyond passionate and your sexuality is unmatched by any. You are beautiful beyond limitations of the word and you truly are a blessing to anyone whose path you cross. I am honored to have met you. I am glad you invited me to view your blog and I plan to follow. I hope life continues to bless you, and thank you for allowing me the privilege.

What sweet and poetic words. I believe good luck will be with you from now on:). You’re right, it was a passionate night. I loved how you caressed my body when we were talking in bed afterwards. You’re also an excellent dancer. You made the line dances so fun!! I look forward to seeing you again someday…thank you for everything.